An audio and video podcast of my trip hitchhiking around the world by sea.
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Sea to Safari

I want to tell you everything but as of right now it’s 9:30 am, I leave this evening for Zurich and I still have to get my malaria prescription filled and buy a new Nikon (that is of course unless my friends at Nikon decide the sponsorship is a go). I’m sitting in a cafe in New York surrounded by two backpacks well over packed. I know that raises a lot of questions when I am “sailing around the world.” So here’s a quick update:

Dan and I were working with US Virgin Island Echo Tours, and while rewarding it’s not exactly lucrative. Ultima Noche (the boat) was in a good position to cross the Atlantic and the window (May-August) was approaching. Meanwhile, Dan kept getting emails from the boys in Alaska asking him if he wanted to work. After weighing his options of making money and still being able to sail, it seemed working in Alaska for a bit made the most sense. So that takes care of the boat and Dan–the boat still in St. Thomas and Dan headed for Alsaka, but where does Africa come in.

As for me, I had a different opportunity knock. Africa has always been a dream. After my last round the world adventure, it jumped right to the top of the list of “must sees”. However, in case you haven’t looked at a map recently, Africa is pretty far away and not quite as easy to get to as some places. Which brings me to Life Lesson #4.

I mentioned Lessons 1-3 in my last entry, but 4 is also very valuable. It is as follows: When choosing friends in life make sure one of those friends is or has the potential of working for an airline. It also helps if that friend shares an interest in Africa, and has contacts in the continent.

My schedule is still fairly up in the air but as of right now it looks like I’ll be spending the next 3-4 weeks in Kenya, Tanzania and Malawi. But here’s the best part, that whole “see the world, change the world” idea is still alive and kicking. I will definitely be visiting at least one orphanage, probably more. I also just met someone last night who has a contact doing a prison educational program and another friend of mine will be visiting schools in the villages. Lots of exciting options.

For those of you who are interested in or have been donating, thank you. I wish I had specific plan and goal we could shoot for, but a lot of this has happened quickly and I haven’t had time to formulate much. Once I get to Africa, I’ll take a look at what we have and what the need is and I’ll keep you posted. Otherwise stay tuned and if there is another way to help I’ll let you know.

In the meantime, I have some anti-skeeto pills. Talk to you soon.


1 Wiley Coyote { 05.07.08 at 10:03 am }

It is your long lost train co-worker and fellow adventurer from Wyoming! I have been following your posts–what a trip indeed! Do me a favor–remind the good folks of the world that humanitarian deeds and needs can be found at home also. We all dream of the world but we can dream of making a difference in the here and now–where ever that may be. Those who haven’t (or can’t) travel can live vicariously through you in Africa and, perhaps, even take your inspiration for helping and apply it where ever they may be. Perhaps you understand what I am saying? All this coming from a explorer who is stuck, rather grounded, writing a thesis about coyotes but still finds adventure in volunteering at the soup kitchen and animal shelter. You sure have come along way from “the ripper” and those dang rack card slots your used to fill!
Be well my friend. I am off to Alaska Saturday!

2 Christian Allaire { 05.08.08 at 5:25 pm }

Hey Big D….glad to hear your still plugging along in life. I’m currently in Florida heading for some other places throughout the United States. Then its back to Christa in Puerto Rica.

Had lunch with an old shipmate of ours Florida, Jani from Another Adventure. She’s back in Florida adn it was wonderful seeing the old gang from Luperon.

Have fun in Africa……geeze I hope you don’t stick out!


3 John Kimble { 05.09.08 at 9:44 am }

Hey, I think my baby boy, Trucker, may have spoken his first word and I gotta say it sounded alot like “Da-rick”??! …what’s up with that?!…but, then again, it could’ve just been gas? Even so, those sweet toothless smiles he shares with me are truly precious gifts that have forever changed what the world means to me. Lookin forward to swappin some spit, uh I mean pics, in the future withya. Enjoy each and every chapter, my sweet manboy, with the sharing of smiles and laughter, one of the gifts that transend generations and boundaries. Love you long time:)

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